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Sponsorship Opportunities

All of our events offer opportunities for companies small or large to get involved as sponsors. Event sponsorship presents an exceptional opportunity to ally your brand to the right event, with the right image, portraying the right message.

The ever increasing popularity of event sponsorship by large multi-nationals evidences the value and benefits of forming a partnership with the right event. It should be pointed out that those large corporations will also dedicate budgets to ‘sponsorship activation’ to ensure their investment in such a partnership reaps benefit. You will be pleased to know that you won’t need your own sponsorship activation experts to do the same, our in-house expertise and experience can advise and guide you to make sure you get the maximum 'bang for your buck.’

With sponsorship opportunities starting from as little as £500, you’d be crazy not to at least enquire!

Join us today and start FUNdraising!

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